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Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964)

77 Million Baby Boomers are now living in America. Baby Boomers are retiring at the rate of 10,000 per day.

90 % of Seniors want to continue to live in their current home. 80 % of Seniors have NOT DONE ANYTHING to make their home Safe or Efficient as an “Age in Place” Home.

Falls are the leading cause of death due to injury for those 65 years of age or over. Falls account for 25% of all Hospital Admissions and 40% of all Nursing Home Admissions.

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90% of Seniors Want to Continue to Live in Their Homes

According to AARP, 90% of Seniors want to continue to live in their own homes.

But 80% of Seniors have DONE NOTHING to their homes to make them more SAFE, more EFFICIENT or to HELP THEM AGE IN PLACE.

Assisted Living Facilities

According to AARP surveys, 90% of Seniors want to live in their own homes.

They are comfortable in familiar surroundings, where their children and families grew up. Where their memories are based. However, 80% of Seniors have done NOTHING, to make their homes more Safe, Efficient or Livable for the aging process.

The option is for the Senior to go to an Assisted Living Facility. There where staffing levels that do not permit caregivers to spend time with your loved one. It often is many miles from their current neighborhood. Therefore, friends and families are less likely to visit every day. The Senior loved one, is around other Seniors that they do not know. And often it’s difficult to visit with other occupants of the assisted living facility, except for either attending scheduled activities or eating meals in the dining hall.

And assisted living facilities often cost from $3,000 to $10,000 per month, depending on the level of accommodations purchased.

We provide a Written – 240 Point – in Home Safety and Fall Assessment.

Falls are the leading cause of death due to injury for those over 65 years of age.

Falls account for 25% of all Hospital Admissions and 40% of all Nursing Home Admissions.

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Fall Prevention

Falls are the leading cause of death due to injury to those over 65 years of age. Falls account for 25% of all hospital admissions and 40% of all nursing home admissions.

Fall Prevention is Mandatory as accidental falls have now become an Epidemic in America.

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77 million Baby Boomers / Retiring at 10,000 per day !

Currently there are 77 million Baby Boomers in America. They are retiring at the rate of 10,000 per day. According to AARP 90% of Seniors over 65 years of age, want to stay living in their homes as they age. However, 80% of Seniors have not done anything to prepare their homes for Safety or Age in Place living.

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Written 240 Point – Home Safety and Age in Place Assessment

We provide an in-home assessment with 240 points, documenting many aspects of your home, including Safety Risks, Electrical and other items that might be needed to make your home more safe, more efficient and productive to Age in Place living.

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Grab Bars and Other Safety Items

Fall Prevention is the first step in home safety for Seniors. We install Senior Aids like Grab Bars in Bathrooms. The bathroom and shower area are the areas where most falls happen.

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What We Do?

The 1st Step is for us to meet with you and provide a written 240 Point Home SAFETY and FALL Assessment Report.

We are trained to evaluate your home for RISKS of FALLS and other Safety concerns.

We can perform home improvements such as the installation of grab bars in the bathroom, high profile toilets, Walk-in Tubs, Roll-in Showers and other minor improvements, depending on your needs.

As your needs increase, we can perform other AGE IN PLACE improvements to make your home more SAFE, Efficient and Livable.

Get Your 240 Point – In Home Fall and Safety Assessment Report Today!

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Fall Risk Assessment

Falls happen very frequently and can cause significant medical issues including broken bones with log term hospitalizations.

Grab Bars

Most falls take place in the bathroom and shower areas. Grab bars when properly installed can provide the Senior Homeowner with balance and fall protection.

We install many types of grab bars that offer the support and reassurance that the Senior will be able to support themselves and not experience a slip and fall.

Floor Covering

Did you know that carpeting and rugs are the number one cause of trips and falls?

Falls are a leading cause of unintentional injury among adults age 65 years and older. Loose, unsecured rugs and damaged carpets with curled edges, are recognized environmental hazards that may contribute to falls. To characterize nonfatal, unintentional fall-related injuries associated with rugs and carpets in adults aged 65 years and older.

Annually, an estimated 37,991 adults age 65 years or older were treated in U.S. EDs for falls associated with carpets (54.2%) and rugs (45.8%). Most falls (72.8%) occurred at home. Women represented 80.2% of fall injuries. The most common location for fall injuries in the home was the bathroom (35.7%). Frequent fall injuries occurred at the transition between carpet/rug and non-carpet/rug, on wet carpets or rugs, and while hurrying to the bathroom.

Loose throw rugs and area carpets with curled edges or folds are among the extrinsic factors most frequently mentioned in the literature as unsafe and potentially increasing fall risk.

Research has shown that hazardous rugs and carpets may be the most common environmental hazard in the homes of older adults, with one study finding loose throw rugs in nearly 78% of the homes, curled carpet edges in more than 35%, an average of more than 11 rugs without nonslip backing in each home. These hazards are even more common in homes of frail older adults with disabilities, who are at higher risk for falls. Evidence also exists that these flooring types may increase risk of serious fall-related injury. Case control studies have found that both floor mats in hallways and bathmats significantly increased risk of hip fractures21 and that loose rugs / mats and flooring were among the most common objects in the home associated with falls resulting in hip fractures.

High Profile Toilets

High Profile Kohler with Aqua Piston Technology

ADA Roll In Showers and WALK-in TUBS

The threshold-free roll-in shower is an excellent choice when it comes to remodeling and removing a bathtub with a new roll-in shower.

We can remodel your present bathroom to make it an AGE IN PLACE model bathroom with a threshold-free shower which allows more room and a way to make shower taking for a Senior,
an efficient and safety feature.

Handyman Services

Often it’s difficult for a Senior to perform minor home handyman projects.

We perform Handyman projects to full scale Senior Age in Place Home Remodeling.

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What Our Client’s Say?

Get your 240 Point – IN HOME Fall and Safety Assessment Today !

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I am really happy with the 240 point in-home Safety Assessment. I was surprised by how many different fall risks, my father had in his home.


My wife was hospitalized with a major illness. She was not going to be able to smoke cigarettes again, and the house had cigarette smoke smell. I needed things done in a hurry while she was in the hospital. Age in Place, was able to install grab bars in the bathroom, a high-profile toilet and paint the interior of the home, all before she was discharged.


We live about a 3 hour drive from my monther-in-laws home. What I like about it is the Handyman Service offered by Age in Place. When my mother-in-law needs light bulbs changed or has anything that we can’t handle, Age in Place, Handyman Service goes and checks on her needs and lets us know what home repairs or items, she needs.


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